Safety Program

Q-TECH Safety Overview

Our objective is to have an injury free, cost effective operation. The first step in keeping our employees injury free is for them to become familiar with Work Safe BC safety guidelines. At Q-TECH we have our own safety guidelines and go through a safety orientation with every employee. Some of our guidelines are standard industry practice, others you will find unique to Q-TECH. We want to make our workplace a safe and healthy place for our employees to work injury free.


Company Safety Values :-

1) Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for
2) Safety can be managed
3) Every incident can be and should be prevented
4) Safety is everyone’s responsibility


Cornerstone Of Our Programs :-

1) Risk Assessment
2) Safety requirements needed to commence project
3) Do not start until safety requirements are met
4) Extend risk assessment to fellow employees and other people that your project may affect